Mollificio Padano produces formed springs and blanking details, with pitch moulds (equipment and production). In rolled and sheared strips, plates with thicknesses ranging from 0.3 mm to 4 mm.

Materials used: carbon steel strips, stainless steel and laminated low carbon steel.



  • braking systems;
  • electronics;
  • construction industry;
  • general mechanics.

Blanking processing with pitch moulds and laser cutting.

All products can be supplied, upon request, with the following surface protection treatments: painted, galvanised, burnished, phosphatised, nickel plated, geomet, dacromet, chromium plated, cadmium plated, shot peening and dehydrogenation.

For more information, contact the spring manufacturer in Faenza, near Ravenna, by calling 0546.622331.

Metal details
Metal components
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