"We are passionate. Passionate about seeing our work develop, about sending out high-tech products from our factory, about making our company a place where people participate in our results."

Giuseppe Neri

High quality, precision industrial springs and small metal parts, since 1960.
WE PRODUCE industrial springs according to customer requests. Each contract responds to a specific need that requires knowledge and experience. In collaboration with the client we study highly accurate and reliable solutions and specifics.
We believe in technological upgrades and continuously invest in industrial and instrumental renewal.

APPLICATIONS - Our manufacture is specific to the industrial sector; the sectors in which our springs can be used are manifold.

The MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY is one of the areas of greatest development, where key clients have chosen to use our technology for elements of components such as suspensions, shock absorbers and forks, but also for brakes, stands, racks and platforms used in motorcycles and in scooters.

Other areas of application:
general mechanics

ABOUT US - More than 20 specialised collaborators, extensive manufacturing within 1,800 square metres, a productive capacity of more than 2,600 h/month: these are some of the numbers that distinguish Mollificio Padano.
We guarantee attention and respect to all those who deal with Mollificio Padano, we are committed to operating with the utmost punctuality and precision, thus transferring a profound ethical value to our professional commitment.

Associazione Mollifici Italiani
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