Mollifico Padano, a leading manufacturer of extension springs produces elements with English style closed or half-closed loops and normal or extended German hooks, in drawn wire, with a diameter from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm and greater according to the customer's design. The company uses carefully selected high-quality materials, from patented carbon steel to stainless steel.


Surface protection treatments

The extension springs, on request, can be subjected to the following surface protection treatments: painted, galvanised, burnished, phosphatised, nickel plated, geomet, dacromet, chromium plated, cadmium plated, shot peening and dehydrogenation.


Technology and development

Twenty specialised collaborators, an indoor expansion of 1,800 square metres: these are the numbers that characterise the strength of the spring manufacturer in Faenza, near Ravenna. A solidity that comes from continuous technical upgrades and a constant renewal of the equipment used, features that guarantee the manufacture of excellent products, every day. Mollificio Padano is certified Cermet, Accredia, Confartigianato and Ancem (Associazione Mollifici Italiani), ensuring the client high quality and maximum reliability during the production process. The company is first and foremost a point of reference for the motorcycle industry, also collaborating with many other production sectors, from medical to agricultural, from building to furnishings. For more information, contact the number 0546.633331 and request a consultation.

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